Holiday Marketing ebook cover

Learn how to:

  • Increase sales tenfold during the busiest time of year
  • Market to people who don't know what to buy
  • Find occasions to sell your products to smaller niches
  • Calculate the most buyable product in your inventory

BONUS MATERIAL: Printable calendar of important holiday events

Joanna Merrow
Compared with other marketing guides I've read, I liked this because it wasn't just parroting what I've read a hundred times in other ebooks - I learned a lot of new things!

Joanna Merrow - Drops of Elegance

Emily D
An easy-to-read guide with practical tips and useful links to focus sellers' promotional efforts on the things that really matter. The printable calendar is literally a "road map" to navigate through the Christmas season. I’ll be getting myself a hard copy asap!

Emily D - ElectroFlora